@katchuwiiin babe he got a head start but we’re gonna come visit you tomorrow :)

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New wallpaper that my baby @katchuwin made! <33 #madeonlyusing #paint #madewithlove #iloveit #032212 #punishermickey #disneycastle #disney #pianokeys #bestgirlfriendever #Iloveher #5ebursandadaze


♥ Ponyo & Sosuke 
March 22nd, 2012

Simple moments like these make life worth living for.

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mine: http://katchuwiiin.tumblr.com/

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yeah you bite that fry ;) Tommy’s round 2 with my baby @katchuwin <3 #ifuckingloveher












hi im brandon castillo

Hi i’m Takuma Nishiya

Hi I’m Genmer Heponia

hi i’m Thomas Nguyen

Hi, I’m Brenda Diep

Hi I’m Kevin John Razon

Hi I’m Matt Daniel Odelmo

Hi I’m Samuel Dinh Hoang Tran

Hi I’m Alvin Ton

hi I’m Eunice Park.

Hi I’m Tia Cadalyn Kayo Felice

Hi, I’m Brian Kevin Alquero Dineros.

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philly steak deluxe sandwich with my love @katchuwin :) <3 #legirlfriend #mylove #derp #donthate #foodporn #wecute #ilalalaloveyou #5eburs #andaday



ahem…*drum roll*
Thank you friends for all your kindness!
I would very much appreciate…
if you would take the time to wish a very happy birthday…

To My Dearest Loving Boyfriend Brian Dineros (@briandinosaur) <3 :)

now my turn…

Happy Birthday 21st birthday my SOSUKE!!! 
aka my BABYCAKES aka my booger aka my dinosaurbear 
aka my keisuke aka my best friend aka boyfriend 
aka my LOVE!!! :) <3 <3 <3

Where do I begin…

Thank God for bringing us together and blessing me with someone like you. 

Thank you for randomly talking to me that day and telling me to text you. Thank you for being part of my life. Thank you for making me happy in more ways than I thought possible. We have lows and highs, baby our loves beyond the skies. I love you, more than I’ve ever loved any boy. But I guess I love you most, because you’re a man. MY MAN. LOLOL.

Thank you for singing me to sleep. Thank you for making ugly faces with me. Thank you for holding me. Thank you for every visit. Thank you for every movie we watched. Thank you for being weird with me. Thank you for every laugh, every smile, and every tear. Because from all of it, we learn and grow together and it just makes me love you more.

I want to thank you for never giving up on me or leaving me when I was at my worst. But also thank you for bringing out the best in me. Thank you for always being patient with me. Thank you for always trying to understand me the best that you can. Thank you for accepting my faults. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for every gift, every hug, every kiss, and every kind and thoughtful thing you do and say to me.

I hope you have the most…
Drink up but be safe love. :) 
I cannot wait to see you. OH YOU HAVE NO IDEA. LOL.

I miss you. I love you 5evers and a day. <3
For real real on the real real, for cereal <3

Love 5ever and always, 
Your Ponyo/Puppybear/Girlfriend
Kathryne Eden :)

oh my gah.. my heart. cant breathe..  I LAB IT BERRY BURRY MUTS!! THANKS LOVE!! :D 


Paper Airplane - Jeremy Passion (ft. Melissa Polinar) 

I had a conversation with the ocean 
I shared a little whisper with the stars 
I wrote a letter on a folded paper airplane 
hoping it would find a way to your heart 

It seems the miles get longer every day away
And the scent of your perfume ain’t as strong, no. 
But every day away gets closer to the day we meet again, oh what a day, oh what a day. 

Darling, we belong. 
Distance only makes this love twice as strong. 
Over and over again I fall in love like the first time. 

Fly away with me. 
There’s so much of the world we have yet to see. 
No one can stand between us its just you and me. 
In love, oh in love. 
In love. 

I’ve seen a thing or two within this blessed lifetime. 
Never thought something like this would come my way. 
But you came into my life, unexpectedly. 

You came from miles away, you came from the bay. 
It’s funny what you find when you’re not looking 
Love can hit you right smackdab in the face. 
Boy you’ll always have my heart, no matter how far. 
I’m a dream away, so best believe one day. 

Oh you, I must see the lightning. 
You turn everything so wonderful. 
Hope is when, I’ve come undone, I couldn’t see the sun-
Your love keeps me still. 
And every moment when I think of you my soul feels so brand new. And the one I’d be longing for. (I’d be longing for) 

Over and over again. Come fly with me come fly with me. 
There so much of, there’s so much more. 
You and me eternally forever and always be. 
So in love in love in love in love. 
Six thousand miles away, one day we could finally say we’ve made it. 
Letter on a folded paper airplane hoping it will find its way..


Karina Pasian | Slow Motion

its decided im gonna learn this tmrw.

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Is everything I’m doing since then wrong? Is anything I’m doing right?

i love you too babe. goodnight<3